Why you thought Rippons was tops for toys

Rippons shop which sold  toys and games in June 1974 .
Rippons shop which sold toys and games in June 1974 .

Visiting toy shops with little ones is always an exciting time.

How many of you hark back to the days when you would spend so much time gazing in wonder at the shelves and displays of toys and games in your favourite shop?

They were like an Aladdin’s Cave, crammed full of boxes, containing all the things to keep boys and girls entertained for hours, such as Corgi and Dinky cars, toy soldiers, dolls and crafty bits and bobs.

Judging by the response to a photograph posted on Facebook, Rippons was one such shop.

Lyndsey Maddison went online to say: “OMG, I loved that shop. Weebles were my thing” while Gillian Brusby (nee Robson) said: “ Loved Rippons and Pippa dolls.”

Sylvia Lamb posted: “Loved going at Christmas-time” while Trevor Hal recalled “the sale after Christmas” and Brian Wilkinson spoke of: “Remembering buying numbers for my football shirts in 84.”

Kath Clark said: “We bought a rocking horse and a go-cart for my son in 1976 for Christmas. We had the rocking horse for years, used by his siblings and then my grandchildren. Said goodbye to it about six years ago.”

Lee Chow took to Facebook to say: “Loved seeing the train sets in the window, loved this place when I was young” while Mark Pinckney said: “ I remember buying my German Storm Trooper Action Man set there in 1969 out of my Christmas money. Fond memories.”

Marc Jackson recalled how he “used to buy my Subbuetto football teams there. Was probably my favourite ever shop in Shields ahead of Binns and Geordie Jeans.”

Colin Reay said: “They sold sport kit as well – think I got a Wolves top in the early 70s from Rippons as well as Action Man kits and Subbuetto.”

Keith Elliott told how he “used to buy the square elastic for your catapults there, then raid a privet for your Y. Then cut the tongue out of an old shoe or new one. Then you were armed. Ha ha easily pleased in those days.”

Christopher Stephenson posted: “They used to have a special bit for chemistry set enthusiasts! Magnesium ribbon and all the bits n bobs! They wouldn’t dare sell anything like that nowadays.”

Delaine Johnson remembers the puppets on a string near the entrance while Dyane Youngs talks about the stuffed dog in the basket with her puppies at Christmas-time, and Christmas presents wrapped in Rippons green wrapping paper”.

Tracey Newham talks about “Uncle Reeves craft sets, and I got my pink roller derby skateboard from there” and Colin Lamb recalls “spending my pocket money on an Airfix model there, every Saturday morning”.

Norma Bolingbroke spoke of happy memories, saying: “I bought my son’s pedal car there, and he loved it”.

David Stephenson said: “My brother got Subbuetto from Rippons. I preferred Joss Conways,” while Brian Arkley bought “fireworks that actually did something”.

Joanne Duncan revealed that: “Pippa dolls was my favourite from Ripons

Tania Brown said: “Used to be in there every weekend with pocket money” while Dianne Newham replied: “So did I Tania Brown” and John Brown added “fond memories”.

James Sanderson told how he “used to get bait for fishing there” while Amanda Shields said: “Loved this shop!”

Barbara Menown Appleton said: “Loved Rippons as did Julie Nee while Alison Campbell posted: “Ahh my dad used to take me here.”

Neil Hickman said: “Loved looking at Subbuteo sets.”

Nigel Banks recalls buying balsa wood there while Michelle Rodgers bought Plaster of Paris.

Bri Hewson explained how “Rippons was first near the Denmark centre then moved where Oscars is at Westoe.”

What do you remember about it? Where did you used to get your toys from?

When it comes to playthings, what was your favourite toy?