Wondering about a return of Woolies to Shields

The old Woolworth's store in Jarrow.
The old Woolworth's store in Jarrow.

The suggestion that Woolworth’s could make a return to the high street, generated a bumper haul of comments on Facebook when we made mention of the idea and posted a picture of the old Woolies store in Jarrow shopping centre on the social media site.

Susan Sinclair went online to say: “Oh yes please, loved Woolies, I think people would make an effort for its survival, sick of pound shops, same old same old, a bit more up-market would be good!”

Sandra Wilson stated: “Good old Woolies, good stuff, not rubbish, a bit of every thing and a time when the customer was always right.”

Michelle Anderson simply said: “Yeah bring it back, but would love a Primark in King Street too.”

Brenda McDonald revealed that she “loved Woolies” while Vivien Bell said she would welcome Woolworth’s return.

However, Tom Martin said: “Think Woolies would struggle against Wilko, B&M and the pound shops these days, it left the high street due to too much competition in the first place. Would prefer to see M&S back and see Home Bargains (although rumour says we may be getting one soon) and Primark in Shields.” Angela Blackburn commented: “I love B&M and Home Bargains, but Aldi, Lidl and B &M, they seem to be taking over everywhere, and that’s not good. We need competition and some old fashioned customer service. I am fed up of the serve yourself check-outs in the bigger supermarkets, I want to be served.

Susan Parker revealed that:“OUTFIT have just opened in Newcastle, in the old British Home Stores, hope they open in ours too as they have many shops in one, men’s and women’s clothes,Oasis,Wallis, Dorothy Perkins, Top Man, Burtons,etc, need something, and all in one is a good way.”

But Sheryl Davison was less optimistic saying: “It won’t happen, same as M&S won’t ever return to Shields. It’s good that Home Bargains will be moving to the old B&Q site though.” Angela Blackburn wrote on Facebook: “I would love to see Woolies back, along with a few more from the past.”

Mark Flett said: “Yes, if it was a retail outlet with something new to offer and attract the customers and bring footfall back in to King Street. Bringing back the old Woolies would be a retail/marketing disaster!”

Lee Chow stated: “Got no chance of M&S ever coming back to Shields, nothing to attract them back, more chance of hell freezing over.”

Graeme Wanless posted: “It would be nice to see any shops opening in King Street!”

Maria Lipscombe took to social media to comment: “I’d like to see any decent shops in Shields! Went to Whitby, lots of little specialist shops – it was heaving. The council needs to attract business and offer free parking to attract people to visit.”

Of the idea of a Woolies return, Sylvia Bateson says: “Love it” while Philip Mclachlan adds: “Yes definitely”.

Pauline Isbister reminisces: “God I remember there, used to work there lol” while Jules Douglass simply says: “Yes” as did Glenys Bainbridge, Margaret Oliver and Valerie Jackson. Diane Robson went online to comment: “Yes please, Woolies was always a great shop.”

Joyce Bouk comments: “Marks and Spencers would be nice and even a Primark, that would definitely help. Woolies naaaaa, they lost touch with what people wanted.” Sue Wade suggested: “Could do with The Range in Shields as well.” Diane Moll didn’t think Woolworth’s would ever return, saying: “Those days have long gone, it’s only wishful thinking. Wish it would happen, sick of charity shops every where.”

But Elizabeth Guttridge commented: “Sooner the better, loved Wollies, King Street.” Meanwhile, Ann McDonald revealed how she “used to dress these windows in the 70s, I loved my job” while Eileen Drummond added: “Worked in this one, many happy memories.”