Your favourite Indian restaurants in South Tyneside

The Raj Dulal restaurant in Ocean Road, South Shields, in 1975.
The Raj Dulal restaurant in Ocean Road, South Shields, in 1975.

When we posted a photo of the Raj Dulal restaurant, South Shields, on Facebook, you were quick to respond with your memories.

Not only did you come up with suggestions regarding your favourite Indian dishes and eating places – we also had a posting from the son of the restaurant’s owner.

The Co-op in Westoe Road, South Shields.

The Co-op in Westoe Road, South Shields.

The picture of the Raj Dulal, in Ocean Road, was taken on February 13, 1975.

Shah Amin got in touch to say: “This restaurant was my dad’s, that’s my dad in the photo.

“This would’ve been roughly 1974-76.

“It wasn’t the first Indian restaurant on Ocean Road, but one of them.”

Shohidur Rahman took to social media to say: “My first job as a waiter was at the restaurant. Still a waiter.”

Talking about her favourite place to enjoy a curry, Lindsay Reilly said: “I’ve tried most, if not all, the curry places along Ocean Road and I think Spice Garden is the best.

“I will often try others but they don’t compare, it’s my favourite, and I always compare other restaurants to it, and although they might be nice too, they just don’t compare.”

Carl Robson added: “Been a while since I was down the curry mile but Zeera was good last time I went.”

Karen Musgrove suggested Cafe India, saying: “Amazing food and friendly service. Can’t beat it!” While Jacki Gilmore put forward “Shah Jan, in Frederick Street. Yum!”.

Margaret Fletcher’s choice was Mamotaj while Allison Robson Bailey praised GOA in Seaburn, saying “it is amazing, and I’m not a big fan of Indian curry, but OMG so nice”.

Kirsten Duke said simply “Radhuni”, while Claire Carlson emailed “Spice Garden every time”.

Dianne Grantham Martin sang the praises of Juhura in Ocean Road while Carolyn Scott said: “Monsoon and Zeera, very hard to say whose the best.”

What do you think?

Meanwhile, the appearance of a photo on Facebook, showing the Co-operative Society store, in Westoe Road, South Shields, from years ago, also generated a number of online comments.

Sue Burnet got in touch to say: “I worked in it as a Saturday girl, Christmas staff whilst at school.”

Valerie Wilson-Gurney posted: “We bought my school uniform there, opposite the Town Hall”, while Christine Calvert revealed: “I worked on the cash desk on the ground floor. I loved being there. The manager, Mr Jones, was the best. Happy days.”

James McKenzie said: “Used to go to Westoe Baptist Sunday school next door,next to the bus shelter.”

Kathleen McConvill, meantime, had this suggestion: “Would make a great block of posh apartments.”

What are your memories of this wonderful old building?

You will remember that I made mention recently of Gary Wilkinson’s new film, “Westoe Rose: The Chronicles of Miss Flagg”, and the venue and date of its premiere.

As suggested at the time, there is now to be a second screening of the film at The Word, in South Shields.

“Amy Flagg is fondly remembered as the lady in a hat and trench coat, who quietly went about photographing buildings and recording the history of the town she loved. But, who was Amy?” asks Local historian Hildred, who runs the Wednesday Heritage Club, which is staging the screening.

“By the Second World War, both her parents had died, plus the town she loved was falling apart from the German raids: her life was crumbling around her.

“When the bombs dropped, she captured the scars with her camera. This is the story of the courage and determination of a unique woman who captured some of the most devastating images of South Shields in the 20th century.”

The 15-minute film is narrated and introduced by Tom Kelly, while former Gazette nostalgia writer Janis Blower provides the voice of Amy Flagg.

“She will also give us some insights into Amy Flagg, the woman, following the film,” adds Hildred.

The film can be seen at The Word on March 8. For more information, contact 0191 424 7864.

Finally, I was asked to promote a reunion involving former Plessey workers, which is coming up soon. Unfortunately due to a technical glitch with my emails, the information has gone AWOL, so would the organisers please get back in touch with the details.