Watch: Shoppers give us their views after Marks & Spencer change the name of Midget Gems

Marks and Spencer has changed the name of its popular Midget Gems sweets to avoid offending people with dwarfism.

The retailer rebranded its version of the confectionery as Mini Gems, following a campaign by a disability academic.

Dr Erin Pritchard, a lecturer in disability studies at Liverpool Hope University, had previously approached supermarkets and confectionery makers about changing the name of the sweet.

An M&S spokeswoman said: “We are committed to being an inclusive retailer.”

Shoppers let us know their views on the rebranding by Marks & Spencer of the popular sweets.


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See how shoppers in South Tyneside reacted to news of the rebrand.

But has the change of name left a sour taste for some?