These are the top 15 signs of success for Brits

Do you see yourself as successful?
Do you see yourself as successful?

Being happy, healthy and having well-behaved children are the true signs of success - far ahead of being rich, according to new research.

A survey of 2,000 UK adults also found just three in 10 have some kind of plan in place to actually achieve success.

Ian Pickford, partner in Mazars' private client team, which carried out the research, said: "Our research shows that people define success in lots of different ways.

"Having enough money is important but it's really interesting to see 'being a millionaire' and other materialistic definitions of success are way down the list."

Treating people fairly, acting ethically and feeling fulfilled in life feature in the top 15 indicators of success - along with being financially secure and being debt free.

But do you agree with this list?

1. Being happy

2. Being healthy

3. Being financially secure

4. Being debt free

5. Achieving your career aspirations

6. Feeling fulfilled in life

7. Being able to retire early

8. Owning your house outright

9. Having a balanced work/family life

10. Having a happy marriage

11. Treating people fairly and with respect

12. Having polite, well behaved children you are proud of

13. Acting ethically in your day to day life

14. Being charitable

15. Feeling respected by your peers