These are the UK's 10 most desirable jobs - and what they pay

The top 10 most sought-after job roles in the UK have been revealed.

By Claire Schofield
Wednesday, 07 August, 2019, 14:54
The top 10 most sought-after job roles in the UK have been revealed

Job and recruiting site Glassdoor assessed what job seekers were looking for during June 2019, with technology, finance and administrative roles topping the searches. Nine out of 10 roles pay above the average national gross salary, with roles utilising specialist skills hot in demand. Here are the top 10 most wanted jobs.

Average base salary: 41,808 GBP. Jobs available: 38,000
Average base salary: 39,137 GBP. Jobs available: 13,200
Average base salary: 46,665 GBP. Jobs available: 2,300
Average base salary: 41,100 GBP. Jobs available: 18,500
Average base salary: 33,765 GBP. Jobs available: 11,300

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Average base salary: 36,171 GBP. Jobs available: 4,800
Average base salary: 25,543 GBP. Jobs available: 2,000
Average base salary: 35,247 GBP. Jobs available: 10,000
Average base salary: 30,323 GBP. Jobs available: 1,500
Average base salary: 39,163 GBP. Jobs available: 2,100