TV producers looking for your Metro memories to be part of new show

Metro passengers and customers are being invited to share their stories of travelling on the service for a new documentary.

What are your earliest memories of using the service?
What are your earliest memories of using the service?

The show’s producers will be filming in the North East this year - and the series will follow the stories of staff, passengers and the communities whose live revolve around the Metro.

With a working title Metropolis, the documentary will be in four parts and shown on ITV.

Whether it’s memories of people you’ve met or places you’ve been using the service, the show’s team would love to hear from you

Mark Robinson, Executive Producer of the series for ITV, said: “The Metro has had a massive part to play in people’s lives since 1980 – whether it’s an everyday journey to work or using it to get to a special event - and we would love to hear their stories and potentially film with them over the course of this series.

“It could be customers who’ve made the same journey nearly every day or night since the start of the Metro 40 years ago; or who are part of a regular group of commuters who’ve become the best of friends over the years thanks to the Metro.

“But it could also be from people who are planning a specially important trip on the Metro in 2019 – maybe they’re going dressed as the Spice Girls, Rod Stewart or Kiss to see their idols in concert this summer, or to another big event like Newcastle Pride or the World Transplant Games.

“Or perhaps they met their partner on the Metro and are taking a train to their own wedding this Summer, or maybe they’ll be heading to their nearest Metro Station all dressed up for this year’s Great North Run.

“Whatever the story, we’d love to hear it.”

Anyone who wants to get in touch with Wise Owl Films, who are making the four-part series, should email [email protected]