Family making final memories with their brave boy Milo - here's how you can help

A family will hold Christmas celebrations this weekend as they make memories with their brave 10-year-old boy.

Milo Browne, who has won the hearts of business people across South Tyneside, has already defied the odds to reach his age.

Only ten people in the world have been diagnosed with the rare condition M3HBA which has left him blind, unable to sit, speak or control his muscles as well as suffering from respiratory issues.

Milo is thought to have lived longer than any other person with M3HBA.

Milo Browne with his parents Stephen Browne and Laura Davidson.

But now, he is receiving palliative care at the family home in Howdon after spending from December 11 last year to January 9, this year in the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle,

He contracted breathing problems and influenza. Dad Stephen Browne said: “The consultants thought he was a goner. Then four weeks later, the same consultants were watching him sitting up and laughing. All the professionals are lost for words.

‘Milo is an inspiration’

"Milo is an inspiration. His life expectancy was two hours and he has outlived everyone with his condition.

Stephen Browne with Milo.

"We are not naive. We have known since before he was born that his time was short.”

He said: “Every day is a blessing with him. With the type of illness that he has, it is not down to Milo’s will. You can’t fault that. There are things that you can’t control which is his immune system.”

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Christmas normally consists of Milo’s family visiting him in hospital, ‘sitting in his room and spending a few hours together,’ said Stephen.

Milo with his parents Stephen and Laura.

‘We don’t know how long we will have with him’

"We have never had Christmas dinner together but on Saturday, it is going to be our Christmas.”

He said Milo had ‘come home on palliative care’ and added: “It is the whole unknown because we don’t know how long we will have with him.”

He said he was ‘blown away’ by the support his family has had from people and businesses in South Tyneside.

10-year-old superhero Milo Browne who is receiving palliative care at home after a month in hospital.

They have organised for Santa Claus to visit the family home, and for a photographer at the Christmas celebrations on Saturday.

Dozens of businesses have contributed to a ‘mega raffle’ to help the family which has done so much fundraising for others in the past.

They helped so many others – now it’s time to help them

Milo’s parents Laura Davidson and Stephen Browne have raised tens of thousands of pounds from market stalls. Their charity called Our Milo has fundraised for a fully adapted caravan for people to use.

Now it’s the turn of others to help them.

South Shields man Wayne Groves is helping to organise the mega raffle to raise funds for them.

Milo will finally get to see Christmas at home with his family.

Brave boy is an ‘absolute superhero’

He said Milo was ‘an absolute superhero’.

The raffle already has more than 40 prizes – half of them from South Tyneside – including a cruise for two people, signed Sunderland and Newcastle shirts, kick boxing training sessions, and tickets to the movies.

Wayne, who was announced Fundraiser of the Year at the 2022 Best of South Tyneside Awards,urged people to donate prizes for the raffle. “Get in touch with me at [email protected]

“To make a cash donation to Our Milo, visit”

Superhero Milo Browne.
Always smiling. That's Milo.