She had a leg amputated last year but just look at courageous South Tyneside youngster Imogen now

Amazing Imogen Carr has come a long way since the day she had her leg amputated.

The South Tyneside youngster can now do cartwheels, has entered a sprint race and has even become a cheer leader. And she has done all that in the 14 months since her life was changed forever.

The eight-year-old who goes to Monkton Junior School in Jarrow was born with club feet and vital tendons missing. She had bilateral club feet and amniotic band syndrome.

After numerous operations to try and correct her foot, her parents took the agonising decision in May 2018 to have her left foot amputated from below her knee.

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    But Jeni now calls it ‘the best decision I have ever made’. Her daughter is pain free and has grown massively in confidence.

    “She used to hide her prosthetic leg because you could see the bulkiness of it,” said Jeni, “but now she happily shows it off. Her confidence levels are amazing.”

    Part of that confidence is down to the night when she got a standing ovation. She was one of the winners of the Child of Courage Award at last year’s Gazette-run Best of South Tyneside competition.

    And now, on the day that this year’s contest gets under way, Imogen and her mum Jeni have exclusively spoken to the Gazette to tell us of her amazing progress.

    Amazing Imogen shows off her cartwheel skills.

    Looking back, Jeni remembered: “There were so many inspiring stories that night and Imogen thought she was some kind of celebrity!

    “The next day, she took her award to school and all her classmates had made her a card which said ‘well done’.”

    Imogen has done incredibly well since her amputation in May last year.

    She urged people to nominate their heroes for this year’s competition.

    She said: “People should nominate because it is a real boost for the people they choose.”

    What a year of achievements it has been for Imogen.

    * She entered a sprint race at Monkton Stadium in Jarrow against able-bodied rivals and came 5th in a field of 10 racers.

    Nothing can stop Imogen who has made so much progress in 14 months.

    * She has taken up swimming.

    * She has started cheerleading at the Urban Factory in Hebburn and can do cartwheels.

    Imogen was a winner.

    Do you now someone who could follow in her footsteps? Nominate your community favourite for a Best of South Tyneside 2019 by sending your entries by email to: [email protected]

    Imogen gets a special round of applause as she heads to the stage to collect her 2018 Child of Courage Award.
    The Child of Courage award winners at the Best of South Tyneside Awards 2018.