10 messages of support for inspirational South Shields amputee Imogen

Imogen with mum Jeni Carr.
Imogen with mum Jeni Carr.

A courageous child has touched the hearts of South Tyneside and beyond with her amazing story.

Little Imogen Carr has stunned and inspired people everywhere by taking her first steps on a prosthetic limb just 10 weeks after having part of her leg amputated.

Imogen's story is so inspiring.

Imogen's story is so inspiring.

The seven-year-old is in the running for a Child of Courage trophy at the Best of South Tyneside Awards - and Gazette readers have been sending their own messages of support praising her bravery and determination.

At a recent fun day, Imogen walked for the first time in public with the help of a frame. Mum Jeni Carr, 27, has been speaking about her daughter's amazing achievement.

She added: "She was determined to not let anything get her down."

Here are some of your messages to Imogen from the Shields Gazette Facebook page:

Sandra Connolly: "Amazing achievement in such a short time. A very deserving candidate for this award."

Pat Payn: "Fabulous. Well done Imogen. You’re one determined, amazing, beautiful little girl! All your family must be so proud of you."

Bobbie Branley- Speirs: "Amazing."

Doreen Thompson: Wishing you great success your amazing."

Jean Broughton McDonald: "Wishing you every success you brave young lady."

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Lyn Carney: "Think us 'grown -up's' need to take a leaf out of your book Imogen."

Jackie Evans: "You're amazing, your a very brave young lady wishing you a lifetime of success."

Maureen Hardy: "You brave, beautiful girl well done."

Maureen Allen: "You're very brave Imogen."

Natasha Rowell: "Amazing young lady."