11 things you said about keeping the magic of Santa Claus alive

Christmas is coming - the goose is getting fat. And in just over a month, Santa Claus could be on his way!

Have you been good this year? Santa Claus could be on his way ...
Have you been good this year? Santa Claus could be on his way ...

Yesterday we asked for your thoughts on Santa Claus - and when children should be told the truth about the man in the red suit.Here are some of your comments from social media about Santa - and what you think about the magic he brings to the Christmas season.

Jan Short: "You have to believe Santa is real otherwise the magic of Christmas is lost. Yes it's more special while children are younger but that shouldn't stop just because you get older. It just then becomes another day."

Linda Savage: "I am 65 and still believe in the magic of Christmas in all its forms, and Santa, well i will reserve judgement on how real he is till after Christmas Day in case he forgets to leave my presents."

Ann Elizabeth Robinson: "Let children enjoy their childhood I have happy memories.waiting for Santa to come."


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Blayne O'Brien: "I think no matter how little or how much kids get at Christmas it makes special memories."

Erin Richardson: "It's part and parcel of Christmas time!"

Jo Beven: "It's giving kids a bit magic it's amazing being a child and believing in Father Christmas! Make that magic last as long as possible."

Catherine A Polley: "Believing in Santa is the best part about Christmas for children, it's magical. My daughter is now 11 years old and she was the one who told me that Santa wasn't real as children are intelligent enough to realise this as they get older."


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Laura-Jane D-Arcy Collins: "There's no harm in giving your child a bit of Christmas magic in their life."

Tracey Anne Tate: "Santa is magic and caring and love and kindness and thinking of others for one day every year. So this is why we tell children about him."

Elizabeth Martin: "Well i am 62 years young and I still believe in Santa, because I am first to open my presents on Christmas Day. Long live Santa, ho ho ho!"

Joy Pinkie: "He is a major part of the spirit of Christmas!"