11 things you said about proposed Temple Park development in South Shields

Thousands of objections have been entered to plans to build a multi-sports complex in South Shields.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 6th January 2018, 1:34 pm
Updated Saturday, 6th January 2018, 1:40 pm
Campaigners at Temple Park.
Campaigners at Temple Park.

South Shields and Westoe Club hopes to move from its home in Wood Terrace, Westoe, and expand to include rugby and cricket pitches, as well as squash and tennis facilities.

Its present home, where the club has been for more than 160 years, would be sold on to developers to become 82 detached luxury homes.

Club bosses say a new ground would benefit the borough as a whole - but those against it have concerns about how much of Temple Park would be lost to the expansion.

You've been having your say on social media. Here are some of your comments.

Tom Younghusband: "Maybe the Gazette should come down one weekend when the senior teams are playing and the juniors and minis on a Sunday and see how much support there is for the move then. Instead of covering one side of the story."

Paul Hunter: "4,243 people against the move., 75,337 people live in Shields. Which means 5.6% are against the move. Leaving 94.4% of people living in the borough either FOR the move or INDIFFERENT."

Graeme Smith: "Would be interesting to see how many of the 4245 objectors are duplicate signatures, that is how many signed the online petition and then signed the letter as well.

"And if any of the objection letters were also from people that signed the petitions.

"Adding the 3 figures up doesn’t necessarily give a true reflection of the number of people opposed."

Tracey Mckenzie: "I live on Nevinson the road is dangerous now and it’s going to generate even more if the access is put on a residential road.

"Trying to park is a nightmare now and if you need to stop and reverse into a space you get abuse from drivers coming along.

"Don’t get me wrong I'm not against development but maybe access could be in a more suitable place instead of off a residential road with a school near by.

"Maybe access from John Reid Road would be better?"

Chris Cuthbertson: "39 letters hold a lot more weight than 4000 'stick ya name down on that for me mate' ... it's pathetic the lengths some people will go to just to feel self importance."

Jamie Reed: "Can't wait to see this work underway."

Wayne Foster: "Let's see the figures of how many of these actually live in Shields and close by to Temple Park."

Jackie Coing: "As long as it's open to the public to use - i.e. the squash courts, tennis courts etc. then I don't see a problem with it. If it's still that 'Westoe' clique you have to be in then no it shouldn't go ahead."

Deborah Anne Swan: "I’m intrigued at the argument against the club which is the cost to use it because as long as I can remember we’ve always had to pay to use the leisure centre and I know personally that a gym membership there far surpassed the cost of a membership at Westoe!"

Marc Tonka Thompkins: "Why why why because some of the folks of Shields have nothing else better to do and try to stop another positive move."

Denise Jopling Faill: "It's not just used for dog walkers, if you live near enough you'll see. It was gifted as a mark of respect and dedication to the people of South Tyneside for bravely fighting in the war.

"That's the point here why or who has the right to decide its to be built on. If your parents or relations lived in those bungalows opposite would you be happy with the noise, flood lights, extra cars and people leaving club after a good session.

"Yes moving forward and new developments are good but that club will have its members were ever it goes. It's the principle if it. Do we not have any respect for our elders who fought for our country."