14 non-food items to give to your foodbank during the summer holidays

Foodbanks are often in need of toiletry items.
Foodbanks are often in need of toiletry items.

Foodbanks are appealing for the public's help to keep them fully stocked this summer.

The holidays are a busy time for centres supporting families and making sure they don't go hungry - but they need our help with more than just food.

Can you help with a donation?

Can you help with a donation?

Along with food parcels, foodbanks try to provide adults and children with essential non-food items to help them keep their dignity and feel human again during the toughest times.

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The Trussell Trust, the biggest network of foodbanks which has more than 400 under its wing, has set out some advice for people wanting to donate supplies.

Here are some essential non-food items you could donate, according to advice from the Trussell Trust:


*Toilet paper

*Shower gel

*Shaving gel





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*Hand wipes

*Laundry detergent or laundry powder

*Washing-up liquid

*Sanitary towels and tampons


*Baby wipes

If you're organising a collection for your local foodbank, it's best to check with them first to see which items they most need. Visit the Trussell Trust website here for further information.