14 things you said about shopping at Aldi as supermarket celebrates bumper sales

Supermarket chain Aldi is toasting a successful 2017 after achieving record sales over the Christmas period.

Friday, 5th January 2018, 11:19 am
Updated Friday, 5th January 2018, 11:25 am
Are you an Aldi shopper?

The company made more than £10billion in 2017 - with boss Matthew Burns saying millions of shoppers switched to the budget supermarket from more expensive retailers for the festive food.

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We asked you, the readers, where you do most of your shopping. More than 200 of you voted - and Aldi took the title with 50% of the vote.

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Asda, Morrisons and Lidl were next in line with 14%, 12% and 10% respectively - and Co-op came last with only a handful of votes (3%).

You had plenty to say about the weekly shop.

Here are some of your comments from social media:

Margaret Crosby: "Depends on prices. When the identical can of Baxters soup is 75p in B&M and £1.50 in Sainsbury's, for example, you'd have to be really thick to pay the higher price!"

Wanda Stockdale: "I like Aldi, but it can be a right pain in the backside to have to put your shopping back in your trolley and then pack it, particularly when you have a disability.

"My fave shop is Sainsbury's lovely staff and really helpful."

Dawn Cressey: "We use Sainsbury's, Asda, B&M as they are all on our doorstep but we have started using a brand new Lidl. It's very nice and I was pleasantly surprised."

Adeleine Stubbs: "Selective shopping mostly Sainsbury's as I prefer their fruit and veg but I do shop in Aldi for some things and I like the Nectar points."

Anne Hewitt: "Go to Aldi for some things but the checkout drive me nuts the way they rush you and on some occasions serve the next person before I've walked away."

Jennie Ford: "Aldi for frequent visits as its nearby or Asda for a large shop but Lidl has the best fresh bakery food by far."

Denise Houston: "OK for bits and bobs can't get full shop there don't get help with your packing or proper customer service desk."

Michelle Whale: "Tescos are doing a lot for the homeless instead of chucking food away. Good on Tesco."

Neil Simon: "At £1.22 for all my veg for 5 Christmas Day and Boxing Day I know where I'm shopping!"

Paul Moore Snr: "Aldi and Lidl lead the others follow."

Carol Burton: "Only ever use Aldi for the odd thing, I'd rather pay a little more knowing my family will eat what I've bought, but each to their own."

Joanne Guttridge: "Aldi. Iceland and Home Bargains. Basically I shop about for bargains."

Valerie Waters: "Don't like Aldi never enough staff on tills, hate having to stand in long queues, with only a couple of items,I usually end up putting things back and going to Morrisons."

Paul Green: "They all have their individual merits. Depends what I need to buy."