15 things you said about South Shields' new library The Word

The Word, the National Centre for the Written Word, opened in South Shields yesterday.
The Word, the National Centre for the Written Word, opened in South Shields yesterday.

The Word, the centrepiece of South Shields' £100million regeneration, opened yesterday. Here's what you thought of it.

Craig Morgan: "Great to have our home town centre part of a £100million regeneration scheme, regardless of what some miserable people might think about it, it's what is happening over the next decade so get over it or stay home and water your gardens."

Rachel Moreton: "I thought it was beautiful, my son loved the telescope, the retro games and the Lego. We have bought tickets for a workshop for next week to make something out of Lego then make a computer programme for it. Very impressed!"

Lorraine Hood: "Really impressed. Fab building. Let's hope people support it."

Lynsey Simmons: "Fantastic place. Very impressed. I have two children who love the library, so we will be frequent visitors."

Allan Fada: "Total waste of money and materials. 95% of households are connected to the www now and 99.99% have www phones that can connect. That money wasted on that eyesore could have been used to help attract business to King Street. Absolute joke."

Melanie Haines: "Because people who visit libraries don't visit shops? Why do people think the council have anything to do with how many shops there are on King Street? We've just been through a massive recession. It's happened everywhere. Slowly but surely it'll get back on its feet and places like this can only help.

Joanne Welsh: "I haven't had the opportunity to go yet, but I find it sad that people think a library is a waste of money because most people are now online. E-books are no substitute for real books in my opinion. They may be more convenient but nothing beats sitting turning the pages of a lovely book with your child."

Angela Court Penn: "Totally impressed and think I'll be there with the kids quite often! The market is gonna benefit from in especially in the summer."

Sylvia Baker: "I agree that something needs to be done with King Street, but I don't think The Word is a waste of taxpayers' money. I think it's an asset to the town."

Emma Lunt: "I went and sad to say I was not impressed. Very bad design which is going to radiate noise and had to wait ages for the lift each time."

Michaela Fleury: "I absolutely loved it. Much better choice of books and the local/family history section is amazing."

Vivienne Hinds: "Beautiful building and was really impressed. Hope it is very successful!"

Peter Watt: "Not been yet but mate of mine said hardly any books - bit of a let down for a library and self-proclaimed centre for the national written word."

Alan Hudson: "It looks nice but out of place on the Market Place. We will be paying this off for years. When will the council stop spending money they have not got?"

walkerchris commented on our website: "I hope the Word is a success because the town centre desperately needs something to lift it. But what a shame that Ann Cleeves and David Baddiel came to visit BEFORE the grand opening. Why couldn't they have been asked to open it? That could have gained some national attention for the 'National Centre for the Written Word'. New Writing North is supposed to be in partnership with The Word - could they have not found a few big-name authors to show up for the launch?"