A real life Rapunzel will have golden locks chopped off for charity

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A real life Rapunzel is having a foot of her hair chopped off - to be made into wigs for poorly children.

Little Ruby Williamson has been growing her blonde hair down the full length of her back since she was born.

The eight-year-old, from Lyton Park, South Shields, now plans to get 12 inches trimmed off during her first ‘proper’ hair cut which will be taking place tonight,

Like the fairy tale character Rapunzel – who, after being trapped in a tower let her hair grow so her prince could climb up her braid and free her – Ruby has yet to have a trim.

The Year 4 student at Lord Blyton Primary School in Simonside, South Shields, decided to go for a new look after learning about youngsters who have cancer often loose their own= hair.

Proud parents Roanna and Darren Williamson will be taking their daughter the Jazz Hair Salon in Frederick Street, South Shields, where hairdresser Sheena Carmichael will have the task of snipping the youngster’s long locks.

Mrs Williamson said: “We’re so proud of her.

“She just decided that she wanted to do something for the poorly boys and girls after discovering that sometimes they lose their own hair..

“She really loves her hair but she simply said her hair would grow again, where as theirs might not.

“Ruby’s had a few trims in the past, but she’s always loved the fact that she had the longest hair.

“We’re just really impressed that she’s decided to do all of this off her own back and came up with the idea herself.

“She will be getting a foot chopped off in total, so that will take her hair to around shoulder length.

“Then we’ll be sending her hair off for it to be made into wigs for other boys and girls to use..”

Ruby’s hair will be donated to the Little Princess Trust which sends hair to China so it can be transformed into wigs for youngsters.

She is also fundraising for the charity and has set up an online page to collect sponsors.

Mrs Williamson said: “So far she’s raised £200 on her Just Giving page online, which is brilliant.

“If anyone else wants to sponsor here they are more than welcome to do so.”

To sponsor Ruby’s first haircut visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Roanna-williamson.

For more information on Little Princess Trust, visit www.littleprincesses.org.uk.