A ‘sad moment’ or a ‘good thing for the estate’? Mixed views on discount shop plan for South Shields pub

Red Duster
Red Duster

Plans to turn a pub on a South Tyneside estate into a foodstore has been welcomed by residents.

Gazette readers have taken to social media to express their dismay at the state of the pub trade today - but welcomed Heron Foods taking over the Red Duster, in Whiteleas, South Shields, as a “good thing”.

Tracey Chapman wrote: “What is the big deal? The pub wasn’t doing any business apart from funerals and parties.

“I think it’s a good thing for the estate.”

Leeanne Taylor posted: “Good news for local area increased employment and access to goods.”

The store, which sells frozen and chilled goods, is set to open in the near future creating ten new jobs.

The Red Duster is the latest South Tyneside pub set to be converted into another business. Last week, we revealed plans for the Brunswick club to become a pet grooming salon.

The West Park in Stanhope Road became a Sainsbury’s Local in recent years.

Sean McDonagh wrote: “It’s an unfortunate moment. A very sad moment. Many of the old Scottish and Newcastle pubs are now either standing empty or have been demolished and replaced by new brighter projects.

“But if the Red Duster was to stand doors locked, windows boarded up for however long, it would bring the estate down.

“But if it was to create jobs, have doors opened to the public as a new business would that not better than an eyesore?”

David A Turnbull took to social media to post: “My father would be turning in his grave.”

Commercial Director, of the company based in Melton, East Yorkshire, Mike Igoe, said: “We are building on our great value reputation and improving our offer to customers in South Shields.

“We’ve an expanded range of chilled, frozen and everyday groceries, supplemented with a tailored number of customer services.

“We’ll be will marking the official opening, to be announced soon, with a special event and we’ll be giving away free chocolate cakes to our first 250 sweet-toothed customers.”

News of the store coming to Whiteleas was welcomed by the area’s councillors with Coun Ernest Gibson believing the venture will “help breathe new life into the area.”

He said: “Over recent years there has been a decline in the community pub and residents have raised concerns over the venue. “We think the new store will help to breathe new life into the area and increase footfall which can only be a good thing for our local shops too.”

The hairdressers at the back the building will remain open for business and won’t be affected by the changes.