A school in South Shields loses its ‘good’ Ofsted rating

Mortimer Community College
Mortimer Community College

A South Tyneside school has seen its Ofsted status downgraded from ‘good’ to ‘requiring improvement’ after its latest inspection by education watchdogs.

Mortimer Community College, in Reading Road, South Shields, has been told it needs to improve its quality of teaching.



The report follows the latest visit by inspectors on May 10 and 11.

In a report they stated Mortimer Community College was a school that “requires improvement” in two of four areas which were assessed.

Inspectors found the school to be ‘good’ in it’s effectiveness of leadership and management; personal development, behaviour and welfare.

But it said the school ‘requires improvement’ in areas including quality of teaching, learning and assessment; Outcomes for pupils.

The report stated the “quality of teaching is improving” and that “leaders have tackled weak practice with vigour.”

Teaching, the report said, “required improvement because it is not yet enabling all groups of pupils to make good or better progress” with science and geography being singled out.

Inspectors also noted in the report that “not all teachers check pupils’ learning and progress with sufficient precision.”

They felt that teachers “missed opportunities” to reshape tasks and intervene so that “pupils’ misconceptions were tackled swiftly.”

While the overall report gave a grading as “requiring improvement” inspectors highlighted new headteacher Simon Hignett’s culture of “high standards and expectations” and noted it was spreading across the school well and staff were “responding positively”.

Pupils welfare was also “good” with those attending being proud of their school with regular attendance.

The inspectors found the leaders and the governors are “ambitious” for the school to do better with the headteacher identifying the actions needed to improve the school “swiftly and accurately,”

No one from the school was available for comment but, in a letter on its website, Mr Hignett said the report reads “extremely well” and “significant steps and changes that have been implemented over the last five months.”

He added: “Of course, we know that there are areas that we need to improve upon. Rest assured that every single member of staff at our school will not rest until we are an outstanding one.

“This inspection highlights the many positive steps taken, so far, to get there and the belief that we will succeed. With the continued support from home I have no doubts whatsoever that we will achieve this goal.”

The last inspection carried out at the school was in December 2012 where inspectors rated it as ‘good’.