'About time!' - readers react to housing scheme for South Tyneside veterans

From left, Couns Mark Walsh and Ed Malcolm in one of the flats.
From left, Couns Mark Walsh and Ed Malcolm in one of the flats.

Armed Forces veterans living in South Tyneside are set to benefit from a new housing project aimed at helping them settle back in to civilian life.

Gazette readers have welcomed news of the scheme, which will see a block of nine flats become available for servicemen and women as they leave the forces.

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The flats will be managed by South Tyneside Homes, while an outreach worker, who will be ex-services themselves, will help identify prospective tenants and make referrals.

Other partners, including the British Legion and armed forces charity SSAFA, will also be able to make referrals.

Councillors in South Tyneside welcomed the project. Coun Ed Malcolm, chairman of the South Tyneside Armed Forces Forum, said: "Having a place to live, in a supported environment, can help ex-services personnel manage that transition and get on the right track to live an independent life on civvy street."

Here's how you reacted on social media:

Hazel Lenney: "About time."

Neil Chrossan: "Good news for a change."

Marion Scott Butler: "Good news, look after our brave lads and lasses."

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Jack Pearce: "Good on the council, though they'll get stick from some quarters, well done for a change."

Andrew Love: "Over the moon about this, about time for all ex lads and lasses."

Gary Hope: "Nice to see things like this happening."

Kev Carr: "It's about time something was done for veterans in the area."