Adam Johnson admits he 'wanted sexual activity' with underage girl

Adam Johnson has told a packed court room that he wanted to indulge in sexual activity with the teenage girl he has admitted grooming.

Monday, 22nd February 2016, 3:32 pm
Updated Monday, 22nd February 2016, 4:25 pm
Footballer Adam Johnson (centre) arrives with unidentified men at Bradford Crown Court for the start of the defence at his trial where he is accused of sexual activity with a child. Photo credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

The revelation came part of the way through Johnson's evidence in his trial at Bradford Crown Court.

Johnson has denied two counts of sexual activity with the girl - but has admitted charges of kissing her and grooming her.

Orlando Pownall QC, the footballer's barrister, questioned the player about his second meeting with the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

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It is on this occasion that the pair kissed, and that the more serious of the offences are alleged to have taken place.

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Johnson admitted while in the witness box that he had "become attracted" to the girl and that he wanted to kiss her.

Speaking of when it happened, he said: "I had all sorts of things going on in my head at the time.

"I was thinking 'what am I doing, I have so much to lose. I am in a populated area and if anyone seen me'.

"I wanted to [kiss her] and I wasn't thinking clearly how I should have been."

Johnson also said that prior to the meeting he had sent the girl a message, asking if she was up for "more than a kiss".

When she asked what he meant, he responded with, "a bit of feeling".

Mr Pownall asked the footballer if he thought there was a possibility of sexual activity between them. He replied: "Yeah."

The barrister also asked if he wanted to engage in this activity and he said "yeah".

Following the meeting, Johnson told the court that he "got caught up" in messaging the girl again.

One of the messages from him to he girl said, "wasn't bad, was it? LOL" and another said "think we need to go in the back next time".

He said in evidence: "[What I was thinking is] what I just did was really stupid, but at the same time I didn't think it was too bad.

"I had all sorts of emotions going on like 'what if people find out'.

"I know it was so wrong but at the same time I sort of enjoyed it so I still got caught up in texting after."

Other messages sent by the 28-year-old footballer to the girl said she "felt very turned on" and "just wanted to get your jeans off".

Johnson told jurors: "After the second meeting I said a lot of things after that were never going to happen and I said them just by words and texting.

"But after that second meeting I never went back and I was never going to."

He also said in court that he still loves girlfriend Stacey "as much as I always have" and agreed with Mr Pownall that she was right to be paranoid that he was up to something.

"I wasn't a good person, I shouldn't have done that," the winger added.

"I can't think of the words for how bad I feel about it."

Johnson again denied the claims and added: "I didn't do what she is saying."

The court was also told that the footballer asked for a naked picture of the girl after he saw a Snapchat image of her wearing swimwear.

He said his response to the picture was his "natural reaction" - and jurors also heard he asked on more than one occasion for a "naughty picture".

She never sent such an image, Johnson said, and no further revealing images were sent.

"I was caught up in the texting and speaking to her as if I was talking to any other person and I should have known a lot better," he said.

Johnson said he "regretted the messages ever since he sent them"

He added: "I'm ashamed that I did that and I know I shouldn't have been doing that."