Adam Johnson trial: 'Footballer googled age of consent' and other points from today's opening

Adam Johnson arriving at Bradford Crown Court.
Adam Johnson arriving at Bradford Crown Court.

Adam Johnson's trial began today at Bradford Crown Court with the prosecution opening the case against the former Sunderland winger.

Kate Blackwell QC, prosecuting, outlined the argument against the England international before the case was adjourned until 10.30am on Monday.

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Here are some of the main points that the jury heard today:

* Johnson is said to have "abused his revered position in society" and the alleged victim was a teenage superfan and “idolised” the former Sunderland player.

* The jury heard that Adam Johnson sent messages over social media to the alleged victim.

* The alleged victim is said to have added Johnson as a friend on Facebook before they exchanged messages.

* They arranged to meet in a car park and Johnson gave her a signed shirt.

* After exchanging more messages, they met again. Johnson is said to have asked for a kiss before undoing the girl's jeans and engaging in sexual activity.

* The court heard that Johnson's girlfriend, Stacey Flounders, had sent messages to Johnson as she was concerned about their relationship including a message saying: 'I'm sick of feeling like you're hurting me'.

* Johnson is accused of sending sexual messages to the alleged victim just second before messaging Miss Flounders about their baby.

* Rumours are said to have started about Johnson and the girl, who was said to be 'distraught'. Her parents then found out and she was encouraged to go to the police.

* The court heard Johnson's phone had been used to search the internet for 'the age of consent'.

* Johnson told police he had kissed the girl but his "love for his family" was too strong to go further and he stopped any physical contact with the girl after that.

* In a summary of the prosecution’s opening case, Ms Blackwell QC says Johnson “knew he could take advantage of her and he did”