Adam Johnson trial: Footballer was messaging mum of his baby and teenager at the same time

Adam Johnson arriving at Bradford Crown Court. Photo: PA
Adam Johnson arriving at Bradford Crown Court. Photo: PA

After Adam Johnson had a sexual encounter with a 15-year-old fan his car, he was simultaneously messaging the teenager about what happened, and his partner about their new-born baby, prosecutors said.

The jury was told the player was engaged in a WhatsApp conversation with Stacey Flounders about photographs of their daughter while at the same time chatting with the under-age girl.

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According to Kate Blackwell QC, prosecuting, Johnson used the word "class" twice in his messages - to describe his baby daughter and in response to what had just happened with the girl.

The prosecutor said Miss Flounders was messaging Johnson about their relationship and their diary plans.

She said that a minute or two later Johnson messaged the girl saying: "Wasn't bad was it, lol?"

The girl said: "No, ha ha" and Johnson replied to her: "Ha ha. Think we need to go in the back next time, lol."

Miss Blackwell said that, after more exchanges with Miss Flounders, Johnson said to the girl: "It was class."

He added: "Just wanted to get your jeans off."

The prosecutor said Miss Flounders messaged her partner about baby photos, saying "how cute is she here?" about their daughter, and "best picture".

She said Johnson continued his conversation with the girl, saying: "I think I will last 10 seconds, though."

But then, 13 seconds later, he said to Miss Flounders: "Yeah, she looks class. She's changing loads."

The court heard that Miss Flounders then said: "I know. She's just perfect, It makes me want more and more, lol."

And Johnson replied: "No, not when she's feeding, she doesn't. lol."

Miss Blackwell went on to describe how Johnson's simultaneous messaging continued as Miss Flounders talked to her partner about how she "just wanted a happy relationship".

The prosecutor said the defendant told the girl he was "looking forward to a naughty Snapchat" before saying to his partner: "OK Pip, lol. I just want to cuddle her."