Adam Johnson trial: Jury sent home for night after judge says 12-0 is the only score he'll accept

A judge has told the jury in the Adam Johnson sex charges trial that a unanimous 12-0 is 'the only possible score' he'll accept.

Tuesday, 1st March 2016, 11:32 am
Updated Tuesday, 1st March 2016, 4:31 pm
Footballer Adam Johnson arrives at Bradford Crown Court, where the jury has been sent out to consider its verdict.

The eight women and four men were sent out today consider their verdict on the fallen England star, who was sacked by Sunderland last month.

Footballer Adam Johnson arrives at Bradford Crown Court, where the jury has been sent out to consider its verdict.

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The 28-year-old pleaded guilty to grooming a 15-year-old girl and one charge of sexual activity with the teenager.

But he denies two more serious counts of sexual activity with a child, and has been on trial at Bradford Crown Court for more than two weeks.

The charges relate to an incident in Johnson's Range Rover on January 30 last year after he met up with the girl in County Durham.

The player admits that he kissed the teenager, but he has told the jury the encounter went no further.

Footballer Adam Johnson arrives at Bradford Crown Court, where the jury has been sent out to consider its verdict.

The teenager claimed Johnson put his hands down her pants and she gave him oral sex.

Judge Jonathan Rose began summing up the evidence in the case yesterday, and concluded just before lunchtime today, reminding the jury about what the player said under cross-examination in the witness box and what his ex-girlfriend Stacey Flounders told the court.

The footballer, wearing a dark suit over a white shirt and black tie, sat in the dock listening to the judge, flanked by a security guard.

Miss Flounders watched from the public gallery with members of Johnson's family.

Judge Rose's final comment to the jury was: "When you retire, you must reach verdicts on which you are all agreed.

"I can only accept unanimous verdicts in this case. 12-0 is the only possible score."

Earlier, the judge reminded the jury about Johnson's account of what happened in the car and how he was arrested at his home in Castle Eden, County Durham, on March 2 last year.

Judge Rose said: "In evidence Mr Johnson said there was a strong possibility he was sexually aroused when he was kissing (the girl).

"He told you he couldn't remember whether he was aroused or not, but he said he enjoyed it."

The judge said Johnson had told the jury he had "seriously wronged" the teenager.

He said: "Adam Johnson admitted that he found (the girl) attractive and he was sexually attracted to her."

He reminded the jury that Johnson deleted 834 WhatsApp messages from his mobile phone.

The judge recalled that the player and the girl exchanged messages before the January 30 meeting about getting a thank-you kiss.

He said that in the messages Johnson said he was after "a little bit more than kissing, a bit of feeling".

The judge reminded the jury that, from the witness box, Johnson told the court: "I considered going as far as she would let me. I was hoping I could feel her body, her private parts. It would be the normal progression."

But, the judge said, Johnson told the jury: "I was hoping it would happen, but it never happened."

He said this was because the player said he realised it was the wrong thing to do.

The jury later asked the judge to clarify what the girl said in her police interviews about the positioning of Johnson's car during their meetings and alleged touching.

Judge Rose read the relevant sections of the interviews to the jury before asking them to retire to continue their deliberations.

The jury was later sent home for the night and told to return on Wednesday morning.