Amazing footage as ship sails youngsters from Tyne to Wear for Tall Ships in Sunderland

These are the amazing sights and experiences a team of adventure-seeking youngsters got to drink in as they embarked on a on a tall ship and set sail along the stunning North East coastline.

The 11 youngsters from Seaham High School made up the crew on the ship named James Cook, which sailed from Royal Quays Marina in North Shields to the Port of Sunderland on day one of the Tall Ships.

Aboard the James Cook

Aboard the James Cook

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Leading the voyage was skipper Andy Reed and first mate Mike Walker, and cadet Beth Keyzer.

Mike said the journey was a great learning experience for the young crew.

He said: "Team work is a big part of it as well as all the other sailing skills and learning what it is like on a moving boat.

"By the end of it they have learnt some vital life skills."

Aboard the James Cook

Aboard the James Cook

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The James Cook is part of the Ocean Youth Trust North set-up.

The charity specialises in the personal development of young people and adults through the medium of ocean sailing.

It helps participants learn to overcome personal fears and obstacles and go on to shape a brighter future.

It also sees participants acquire a range of life skills learnt while working as a team and rising to the challenge of the sea.

Aboard the James Cook

Aboard the James Cook

The youngsters aged 13 and 14 were chosen to take part in the Tall Ships event as a reward for their achievements at school.

They joined the ship along with their match teacher Andrew Green last Sunday and have sailed up the Tyne in Newcastle, to Blythe and along the coast to Sunderland where they will remain until Friday.

Then a new crew of young sailors will board the ship and take part in the Tall Ships Race.

During the race to Esbjerg, representatives of the Berwick Youth project will be on board as well as three crew sponsored by Sunderland Tall Ships.

While on board the youngsters learnt safety and sailing skills and have been working together to cook and clean, helping to build up their life experience.

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Teacher Mr Green said: "It has been good fun and it has been amazing watching them go for it."

Skipper Andy Reed said: "We have had a lovely trip all the way down from North Shields .

"It has been a bit of a lumpy sea, so there has been a bit of seasickness, but we have all has a great time and now we have arrived at this amazing festival.

"At James Cook our motto is inspiring futures and changing lives and what we do is take young people out to sea to encourage personal development."

The journey marked the launch of the Tall Ships event, bringing five days of ships, markets, circus, theatre, music and entertainment to the city before the races officially begin.

The festival has attracted more than 50 sailing ships from countries as far afield as India, Russia and Vanuatu and performers from across Europe to entertain the 1.5m people expected to attend the event.

This will culminate in the stunning Parade of Sail on Saturday, July 14, as the ships parade northwards up the coast to Souter Point, before turning round and heading out to the North Sea for the first leg of their race to Esbjerg, Denmark before moving on to Stavanger, in Norway, from where they will race to Harlingen, in The Netherlands.

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