Ancient sculpture goes on show in South Shields

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A beautifully carved 6th century BC Cypriot limestone sculpture is the star piece in a new exhibition at South Shields Museum Art Gallery.

A Greek in Egypt: the Hunter from Naukratis is a British Museum Spotlight Tour, which explores the encounter between two great ancient civilisations, Egypt and Greece

The statue – The Hunter from Naukratis – was found by pioneering archaeologist Sir Flinders Petrie during his 1885-6 excavations in the sanctuary of Aphrodite at Naukratis, reflects the complex trading networks that linked Egypt with the Mediterranean.

Visitors will see the young hunter striding forward, wearing a close-fitting Cypriot cap, a short Greek-style shirt and Egyptian-style shendyt (kilt).

He is carrying his bow, arrows and prey: two boars and two hares. The exhibition also explores the development of South Shields Museum Art Gallery, which has extensive finds recovered from the town’s Arbeia Roman fort.

The exhibition starts today amd runs until February.

Entry is free but donations are welcome.

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