Anger over '˜Nazi knives' found on sale at South Shields shop

The family of a teenage murder victim have a slammed a South Tyneside retailer for selling knives - some with Nazi-style insignia '“ and displaying them openly in its shop window.

Monday, 26th March 2018, 6:00 am
Updated Monday, 26th March 2018, 8:45 am
Knives on sale at Supetech, Fowler Street, South Shields.

Pat McDougall, 69, whose grandson Glen Corner was stabbed to death in 2006, urged bosses at Supertech to remove the blades from sale to prevent possible criminal use.

The display has already prompted a police probe following a complaint from a passer-by after seeing them for sale at the store in Fowler Street, South Shields.

The Supertech shop in Fowler Street, South Shields

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The shop’s management say the knives are legal but admitted they could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

They insist collectors want to buy them and they would carry on selling them - though they agreed to remove them from street view.

But Mrs McDougall said the trader should ban the knives – which can be sold to anyone aged over 18 - from its order books altogether.

She said: “Selling them may be legal but it’s not right. The shop should do the right thing and stop selling them.

Pat McDougall's grandson Glen Corner died of knife crime

“In the wrong hands they can have a terrible effect – they should not be on sale at all.”

She added: “Having some with a Nazi insignia is not a nice image.”

Shopper Kevin Murray, 33, who alerted the police, said he was shocked at seeing the bladed Nazi-style emblem.

Mr Murray, a full-time carer, added: “I just saw them when I was walking past. I was quite shocked. My grandfather was a paratrooper who fought in the war, he took a couple of bullets, and he would be turning in his grave knowing that knives with Nazi-style insignia were being sold.

The Supertech shop in Fowler Street, South Shields

When the Gazette visited the shop, eight knives, including one priced £10 with a Nazi-style marking, were visible on a wall next to the front window.

A further three of the same Nazi-style blades were on sale under protective cabinets inside.

A Supertech spokesman said: “We definitely don’t agree with what the Nazis did or what they stood for.

“A man did come in and complained about them and the police came later, but they didn’t have a problem.

Pat McDougall's grandson Glen Corner died of knife crime

“The knives are legal, and we don’t sell them to anyone who is under 18 or who is drunk. We always uphold the law.

“This is the only complaint we’ve had about these. We will remove them from display near the window.”

Glen was stabbed on his 16th birthday in August 2006, while protecting a friend from killer Lee Firman, then aged 18.

Northumbria Police confirmed officers had visited Super-Tech after receiving a report of offensive items being on sale.

A spokeswoman said: “Officers carried out enquiries and while certain items which could be seen as offensive were on sale at the premises, they were not in sight of public passing and were kept in a locked cabinet for collectors.

“No offences were committed, and the shop owner was given guidance.”