Angry pothole campaigner tells council to come back and finish the job

A disgruntled motorist is calling on the council to come back and repair a residential road he claims is riddled with pot holes.

Andy Buddin (53) in Hill Park Road. Picture by FRANK REID
Andy Buddin (53) in Hill Park Road. Picture by FRANK REID

He said one pothole has since been repaired but the rest have been left untouched.

One of the many potholes in Hill Park Road.

Mr Buddin says the road is in the worst condition that he has seen in the 29-years he has lived on Hill Park Estate.

Council chiefs say they prioritise potholes in need of urgent repair.

Charity fundraiser Mr Buddinsaid: “They have only filled one pothole and left the rest.

“If a cyclist was coming down the hill hits one of these, they’ll be off their bike. They’re dangerous.

“All I’m asking for is for the roads to be repaired properly.

“I was tempted to buy a can of yellow spray paint and go round myself marking all the pot holes.”

He added: “The council need to come back and do the job properly.”

Mr Buddin, 53, called for action after he says he has been forced to replace the wheels of his Citroen C3 several times in the past four years due to damage caused by potholes. They have also had to be re-aligned due to hitting holes in the road.

A spokesman for South Tyneside Council said: “Potholes are categorised according to their severity and we prioritise potholes which are in most urgent need of repair.

“Other potholes which present a less immediate hazard to drivers will be filled within ten days as per our policy.

“The extreme weather from earlier in the year has unfortunately damaged many road surfaces and left us with an unusually high number of potholes to fill. However, we are maintaining our repair programme in line with government guidelines.”