Apology over rumour that Bradley Lowery has died

Bradley Lowery is still smiling.
Bradley Lowery is still smiling.

Bradley Lowery's family have been hit by untrue rumours that the six-year-old as died.

The terminally ill youngster, who has caught the hearts of the nation, is still giving his beautiful smiles.

A post on the Bradley Lowery's fight against neuroblastoma Facebook page, said: "Can we ask people who have shared RIP Bradley to take it down, this is clearly been started by a troll,

and he is very much alive and kicking, when/if anything was to happen, you will here it here first xxx."

It is believed to have generated from Lad Bible Facebook page who have apologised for their mistake.

Shortly afterwards Bradley's mum, Gemma Lowery, shared a photograph of the youngster tucking into his lunch.

She said: "So I guess I should update you lovely followers on Bradley, considering there has been untrue info spread.

"Bradley had radio therapy on Friday, which is making him tired, but doesn't stop him from giving us them beautiful smiles.

"His pain in his leg is so much better but he has now got a lot of pain in his side. He is having a quiet weekend and back to hospital for radio therapy on Tuesday to try get pain under control.

"Have a lovely bank holiday people, keep smiling."

Earlier this week the youngster’s heartbroken family confirmed the six-year-old is now receiving palliative care at his home in Blackhall ahead of a course of radiotherapy in a bid to

make him as comfortable as possible.

Scans had shown the cancer is spreading at a fast rate and there are lots of new tumours.

Bradley's page has updated, saying: "I have spoken to the Lad Bible who have apologised for their mistake and would like to support Bradley's foundation moving forward.

"Although seeing the status was very upsetting mistakes happen and we would like to accept the apology and move forward from this.

"The Lad Bible have always supported Bradley's campaign and this has not changed. We have built our campaign on positivity and we would like to continue with this.

"Thank you for everyone's continued support."