Are you getting the broadband service that you're paying for?

Banging on about broadband - that's what we like to do at Which?

Some of the biggest broadband providers are supplying the worst service.
Some of the biggest broadband providers are supplying the worst service.

And no wonder given how much we all have to rely on the internet to run our lives.

You might work from home, you might just need it to download your favourite TV shows, run your kids' games consoles or Skype the grandkids.

You may use it to bank online, or browse the shops or order groceries - whatever you do with broadband, without doubt it’s a vital cog in the wheel of life.

Which is why when it’s playing up - running slow, losing connectivity, or costing too much - it is hugely frustrating.

So we bang on about bad broadband in the hope of fixing it.

The results of our latest broadband survey on customer satisfaction should help. Especially as it found some of the UK’s biggest providers - BT, Sky and TalkTalk - are letting customers down when it comes to speed and reliability.

We gathered feedback from more than 1,700 standalone broadband customers, and coming out on top was Zen Internet.

In fact this firm is now a Which? Recommended Provider - unsurprising when 92 per cent of customers told us they’d recommend it to a friend themselves.


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Utility Warehouse is another which gets a thumbs up from the majority of its customers. It came in second with a customer score of 76 per cent.

At the other end of the table when it came to customer satisfaction were Sky and TalkTalk. Both may be massive UK broadband providers, but Sky finished second- to-last in our survey and TalkTalk were at the bottom of the table.

For Sky it’s a notable drop, as it finished in eighth in our March survey and it’s now 11th, with only TalkTalk ranked worse for customer score.

The majority of customers aren’t happy with the TalkTalk service, according to our survey - it received a dismal customer score of 40 per cent.


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You can, as always, read all our reviews at, as well as get advice on the best deals around.

But mostly we hope that our banging on about broadband will help the broadband providers remember that the customer comes first.