Baby names are being inspired by our favourite characters from Netflix

Baby names inspired by Netflix characters are on the rise, according to new research.

Sunday, 22nd January 2017, 11:27 am
Updated Sunday, 22nd January 2017, 12:37 pm
Walter from Breaking Bad is one of the most popular baby names inspired by Netflix shows.

Bounty Baby Club, one of the UK’s most popular parenting advice sites, reviewed the 340,000 names its members gave to their babies in recent months.

And it found that as well as more commonplace character names increasing in popularity, there’s been a sharp rise in unique names featured on Netflix shows in the last year.

The chart shows some of the most popular Netflix names. Source: Bounty Baby Club.

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Names featured in Orange Is the New Black, which aired a new series last year, shot up in popularity.

The biggest climber was Piper, which broke into the top 150 with a 20% increase in popularity.

Other increases include Sophia (up one, to the No.8 spot), Gloria up by 16% and Stella is also on an upward trajectory, with 13% more baby girls being given the name in 2016.

Names from the smash-hit show Breaking Bad continue to show strong increases, with Walter jumping up 11%, joined by his partner in crime Jesse, who gained a whopping 20% popularity bump over last year.

The chart shows some of the most popular Netflix names. Source: Bounty Baby Club.

Mike jumped up 11%, reaching the top 150. However, the most interesting climber from Albuquerque comes from the boy’s name Gustavo, which climbed 9%.

House of Cards is another Netflix series receiving much love and so are some key characters’ names.

This year’s favourites from the show include Claire, climbing 20%, Zoe, up 8%, and Remy, which was 21% more popular.

Other popular Netflix character names this year include Javier and Fabio from Narcos, Sci-Fi’s, Stranger Things characters Nancy and Jonathan, and Harper and Patsy from the show Jessica Jones.

Bloodline characters also proved popular, with quirky girls' names Belle and Evangeline and classic boys' names Marco and Eric all gaining strong ground.

Lisa Penney from, said: "Popular Netflix characters are strongly influencing parents’ choices for names this year.

"Netflix show Jessica Jones sees the name Harper continues to climb the ranks, up eight places, which may have an added influence from the Beckhams’ daughter, even though she is now five years old."

“It seems parents can’t get enough of settling down with their favourite Netflix boxset, so much so their favourite characters are living on in their children’s names.

"The influence has seen surprising rises in some names that have been on the decline in recent years such as House of Cards-inspired Claire climbing 20%, and Zoe up 8%, now well inside the top 100.”