Baby whose mother died has been abandoned by father, court rules


A baby boy whose mother died six months after he was born has been abandoned by his father, a family court judge has said.

The South Tyneside youngster, who was born prematurely and needed life-saving surgery, has been placed for adoption.

Details of the case emerged in a ruling by Judge Simon Wood following a family court hearing.

"This court deals with many very sad cases," the judge said.

"But this one, I have to say, is particularly so."

The 12-month-old boy's father, who had mental health issues, had been in prison when he was born, the judge said.

Judge Wood added that the man had now "disappeared entirely from the scene" and abandoned the little boy.

Social services bosses at South Tyneside Council, who have responsibility for the little boy's welfare, had asked the judge to rule that he should be placed for adoption.

Judge Wood said there was no realistic alternative.