'Basically a pound shop to replace the pound shop' - mixed response as One Below opens South Shields branch

News that a new business is opening its doors in South Shields have been met with a mixed response.

Monday, 25th February 2019, 12:48 pm
Updated Monday, 25th February 2019, 1:57 pm
One Below

The new bargain shop, which will sell items for £1 or less, will stock 5,000 products, will open on Friday at 12pm.

The news will see one of King Street's many empty shops brought back to life after years of store closures have led to many bemoaning the state of South Shield's main shopping street.

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Not all Gazette readers are happy, however, with a mixed reaction to the story on our Facebook page.

Heather Ditchburn Curry said: "So basically a pound shop , to replace a pound shop! Not much to get excited about really! Shame no quality shops can be tempted to come to Shields!"

Some readers focused more on the positives.

Annelise Hamilton said: "If you don't like pound shops then don't use 'em. Simple as that. I think it's great news."

Roy Page said: "Why are people mocking this? These kind of shops only help the poor within our society."

Valerie Davidson said: "Jobs is the important factor here folks."

Andrew Nowlin said: "It’s jobs and an outlet being used. It’s got to be good."

Ste Caddy said to the One Below critics: "Would you prefer a Fortnum & Mason?"

Others remained unconvinced.

Madeline Oley said: "Another cheap shop in King Street.....so tacky in my opinion."

Paulette Mac Dingwall said: "It would be good to have one in Jarrow."

David Harris jumped on a running issue about a chain people would like to see open in South Shields

"That’s no good, should have put a Primark in there. They would have fitted at least 6,000 items in"