Beware queue-jumpers this summer as third of North East people admit skipping the line on purpose

The British people are known for their queues.

YouTube prankster Zac Alsop.
YouTube prankster Zac Alsop.

It may be a key part of our etiquette - but research has revealed that the art of queuing could be coming to its end.

Nearly a third of North East locals have admitted they would purposefully jump a queue - with 68% confessing they hate being stuck in one.

YouTube prankster Zac Alsop.

With the summer holidays already upon us, 80% of you face being stuck in queue misery at UK attractions during the six weeks' holidays - but would you be brave enough to skip?

The research, commissioned by TripAdvisor, identified five common techniques British queue jumpers use to cut in – including the ‘chat and cut’, the ‘sorry, sorry, sorry’ and the ‘quick question’.

Some of these methods were put to the test by YouTube prankster Zac Alsop on a trip across the country to some of our most famed attractions.

Peak holiday season is about to get into full swing, and the hot weather is expected to boost visitor numbers to UK attractions. TripAdvisor is reminding the public to heed advice and book ahead before a visit.

Zac Alsop has been testing out queue-jumping techniques.

Hayley Coleman, TripAdvisor spokesperson added: “The British love of queuing is a cliché we all know, but in truth most of us hate being stuck in a queue – yet we spend two to three days a year waiting in line.

"We know people from the North East are fed up with queuing, so if you want to save time and skip a queue this summer, the message is simple: book online, and in advance.

"This is easier to do than many people think - TripAdvisor has more than 100,000 experiences, tours and activities available to book online– and you’ll even avoid the wrath of the dreaded hard stare from your fellow queuers.”