Bin collection workers could be fitted with body cameras to help scotch complaints and monitor waste problems

Bin collectors should have body cameras fitted to their uniforms to help tackle issues over waste collections, it has been suggested.

Tuesday, 5th September 2017, 4:44 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 11:23 am
A body-worn camera similar to those worn by police could be brought in for bin collection workers

Rubbish collectors often face accusations of poor behaviour or not doing their job properly, but in more than 80% of complaints by residents about their bins, the householder is found to be at fault, according to waste firm

Body cameras similar to those worn by police as they work could help counter accusations against bin collectors, and gather footage to tackle problems such as over-filled bins and waste which has not been put out correctly.

For example, footage from a body camera could show a bin has been filled with the wrong kind of waste, which is why it is then not emptied by the collection team.

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Or a resident complaining of mess, who has also overfilled their bin, could be shown to be responsible for the problem by the cameras.

Mark Hall, spokesman for, said: "Bin men often face accusations of poor behaviour from the public, whether that's claiming they haven't collected valid waste, have made a mess during their rounds, or have been rude and abusive during their shifts.

"We recommend to all councils to add body cams to their bin men's uniforms to counter these accusations, and help improve the reputation of these vital workers to give them the respect they deserve."

The company suggested the slight increase in costs for these cameras is worth the money to protect waste collection workers.