Binns was the business!

Shopping at Binns, in South Shields, was certainly an experience that many of you will never forget, if your wonderful memories are anything to go by.

Friday, 20th January 2017, 9:03 am
Updated Friday, 20th January 2017, 9:07 am
Shopping in Binns in February 1970.

A recent online photo of the store, taken in February 1970, generated a lot of comments on Facebook as the following selection reveals.

Jim Wilkinson posted: “Left school on the Friday, started work at Binns the following Monday, 1979.

Shopping in Binns in February 1970.

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“Yes, we have Argos, but it’s nice being able to casually walk around, checking quality first hand etc, but unfortunately that experience comes at a price, hence the likes of Binns, Joplings, BHS can’t survive, plus online shopping of course.

Lianne Douglas added: “It was a great shop” while Lorraine Thompson revealed: “Miss it, took my daughter there to get her first baby pictures taken, still on the wall.”

Jackie Evans said: “Loved Binns” as did Dianne Grantham Martin.

Karen Musgrove enthused: “It was a great shop. Loved having cream tea there. Got my first sheepskin coat there also.”

Shopping in Binns, in South Shields, in February 1970.

Vicky Chisholm commented: It’s still not Primark though is it?”

Meanwhile, Susan Sinclair stated: “Loved Binns especially when I was little at Christmas.

“They had a great toy department and a fabulous Santa grotto, and as you grew up, a brilliant make-up and fashion department – really miss Binns!”

Heather Lomax also makes mention of Christmas at Binns, saying: “Oh remember Binns very well, lovely at Christmas, also Mr Johnson, always gave fantastic service.”

Shopping in Binns in February 1970.

Jill Khanzadeh-Amiri revealed: “I still have a pair of wide-legged Frank Usher trousers I bought there so many moons ago. Yes they still fit me, and yes I still wear them.”

Lynne Owens posted: “Loved Binns, it was a great store and should have never been pulled down, we have nothing in Shields now.”

Eleanor Plant revealed: “I used to have my hair done every fortnight, a great hair dressing salon.”

What do you miss about Binns and the other stores that are no longer in South Shields?

Shopping in Binns, in South Shields, in February 1970.

Please get in touch with your memories of the shops that got your custom?