Boldon named haggis hotspot as Asda reports 46,000 tonnes sold in run up to Burns' Night


Boldon has been revealed as a little piece of Scotland.

Figures show the area has bought the sixth-highest amount of haggis in England in the run up to Burns' Night on January 25.

Sales are expected to increase by another 32% by the Bard's celebration day on Monday.

The figures were released by supermarket chain Asda, which expects 35 tonnes of the pudding to be sold in Scotland – and a further 11 tonnes in England.

Burns Night is the annual celebration of the life and work of Scottish poet, Robert Burns.

Haggis, the national dish of Scotland, is a vital ingredient of the traditional Burns' Night Supper and in a famous poem by Burns, the ‘Address to a Haggis’, which is usually read before the dish is served at the supper.

Andrew Devoy, Asda’s English-based Scottish-relations spokesperson, said: “It’s great to see Scotland’s national dish being enjoyed south of the border, and people getting in the spirit for Burns Night.

“It’s clear from the sales figures that there is definitely a strong customer demand beyond the Scotland, which obviously the traditional home of haggis – and goes to show the rising popularity for local Scottish products in our stores, both in Scotland and beyond.”

The traditional Burns Supper was originally started to honour Robert Burns’ memory a few years after his death in 1796. It continues to be marked in the modern day, with haggis; neeps and tatties; Scotch whisky; bagpipes; and Highland dancing all commonly at the heart of the festivities.

Asda will be stocking a total of 18 haggis themed items in the lead up to Burns, with sales expected to rise by 32% overall, compared to last year.

Top ten ‘most Scottish’ locations in England, based on sales of haggis:


Town / City

County / Region

1) Newcastle & Gateshead

2) Corby

3) Carlisle

4) Derby

5) Ashington

6) Boldon

7) Warrington

8) Hull

9) Wolverhampton

10) Norwich