Boyfriend jailed for throwing corned beef tin at partner's head because he couldn't open it

Corned beef
Corned beef

A boyfriend has been put behind bars after he split his partner's head open in a corned beef tin attack.

Dennis Thompson got annoyed when he was unable to open the can for an after-pub snack and so threw it at girlfriend Anna Goosens' head.

The meat-filled missile caused a wound that left blood pouring out and needed six staples.

At Newcastle Crown Court Thompson, 61, of Canterbury Street, Walker, Newcastle, pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding.

Judge Edward Bindloss sentenced him to 12 months behind bars, plus a further two months for an unrelated suspended jail term he was on at the time, making a total period of 14 months imprisonment.

The judge told him: "You were trying, and failing, to open a tin of corned beef.

"That caused you frustration.

"Your partner did nothing to assist you, why should she?

"She felt a crack to the back of her head.

"A tin of corned beef was used as a weapon to strike her to the back of the head. It was a single blow."

The court heard there was no history of domestic violence during the couple's five year relationship and the judge accepted what happened was a "one off".

Judge Bindloss said the violence was fuelled by "alcohol and frustration".

Prosecutor Michael Bunch told the court the couple had been out together on September 10 and returned home in the early evening.

Thomspon, who had had eight pints, tried to open the tin for supper.

Mr Bunch said: "He appeared to be having difficulty opening a tin of corned beef.

"He became aggressive as a result of his frustration and started to shout at her.

"She describes him, in a sense, just ranting, as a result of his inability to open the tin.

"She attempted not to pay any attention and was watching television in the living room.

"The next thing she was aware of was a crack to the back of her head."

The court heard Thompson went to bed after the attack, which he could not remember due to the amount he had to drink, and had not realised the harm he caused.

Miss Goosens,who had three pints during the day out, called and ambulance when she felt blood was dripping down the back of her head and was taken to hospital.

The blood stained corned beef tin was recovered by the police at the attack scene.

Sue Hirst, defending, said the couple are now back together and Thompson is "extremely sorry" for what he did.

Miss Hirst said: "It is apparent he was trying to make something to eat.

"He does not recall physically throwing the item but his view would be he probably threw it in frustration, rather than deliberately trying to hit her.