Bradley Lowery wishes his cancer away at Buckingham Palace fountain

Bradley Lowery has wished his deadly cancer away as he made a visit to Buckingham Palace.

The five-year-old, of Blackhall, has been told he has terminal neuroblastoma.

Bradley Lowery at the Harry Potter studios.

Bradley Lowery at the Harry Potter studios.

Massive Sunderland AFC fan Bradley has been on a trip to London and the Harry Potter studios tour, courtesy of the football club alongside mum Gemma and dad Carl.

Now, a video shot by his family shows the little fighter throwing pennies into a fountain outside Buckingam Palace, wishing the "nasties" to go away.

A post on his appeal page along with the video reads: "On our way home from what has been a brilliant weekend.

"Yesterday we went to Hamley's Toy Store and to see where the Queen lived.

"Bradley loved it and he made a wish outside of Buckingham palace.

"We couldn't believe our ears when he said his wish so we asked him to repeat it.

"He wishes for the nasties (cancer) to go.....heart breaking hearing him say it.

"We were meant to be going to the theatre to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but Bradley was too tired and wasn't feeling to well so we never got but we had films and cuddles in bed instead."

Bradley was first diagnosed with the condition in 2013 after which he underwent gruelling chemotherapy treatment.

It went into remission but returned in an aggressive form in June, and his only hope lay in antibody treatment in New York.

Sadly, earlier this month doctors told him that his cancer has continued to grow and cannot be stopped.

An appeal in Bradley's name has generated hundreds of thousands of pounds to his cause, while he has also been sent more than 300,000 Christmas cards from well-wishers.