'Broom army' offered as support floods in for South Shields cafe Mac 'n' Alli after suspected ram raid leaves business boarded up

Offers of help, messages of support and expressions of sadness have been flooding in after a popular cafe was hit by a suspected ram raid.

Mac 'n' Alli in Westoe Crown Village
Mac 'n' Alli in Westoe Crown Village

Police are investigating after Mac 'n' Alli in Westoe Crown Village suffered "extensive damage" late on Friday night.

The cafe posted on its Facebook page that it will be closed "fore the time being" due to the "unforeseen events", with customers booked for Mother's Day offered refunds. The business is also planning to donate food stock it cannot use while closed to a food bank.

A flurry of messages of support has been left both on the Gazette's Facebook page, and the Mac 'n' Alli page, with customers and neighbours offering to help.

Karen Monkeyfeet English said: "Don't forget, if you need a broom army just holler, everyone on Crown Village is angry and sad for you and there's loads of help on offer if you need it xxx"

Jade Inkster said: "We love coming for our hot chocolate and the bairn loves her marshmallows. Were more than happy to offer help if needed. Hope your sorted soon. Sorry what's happened xx"

Claire Davison said: "Why would anyone want to do this? Not like they have thousands of pounds or expensive items inside . Used to love going here when I lived down that way. I hope they find the culprits and reopen soon x"

Rachel Anne Smith said: "Gutted spent many an afternoon here when the kids were younger xx"

Inese Cirule said: "Best coffee shop in town, love the place, sad news."

Demi Fox said: "Such a shame, lovely cafe x"

Valerie Nichol said: "It will be a massive miss....some shocking people about ....why can't they leave small business alone."

Ashley Payn said: "So gutted and angry for you. I live just round the corner and wish I heard something. Wonderful place to visit. One of the best in South Shields."

Charlotte Ridge said: "My goodness! Unbelievable! I hope you find whoever done this! We will all chip together! Absolutely gutted for you all! Xx"

Angela Burness said: "So sorry this happened to your wonderful little business, hope they catch the utter scumbags!! Keep your chin up xxx"