Brothers terrified pregnant woman after burglary claim

Jailed: Shaun Campbell
Jailed: Shaun Campbell

A pregnant woman and her young child were left terrified when two brothers turned up at their home in a rage and looking to fight.

Shaun Campbell was furious after being accused of trying to break into a coals hed belonging to the woman and her partner, who lived next door to his parents.

Suspended sentence: Carl Campbell

Suspended sentence: Carl Campbell

He turned up at the home house - waking their three-year-old by kicking their door and demanding the man of the house come out for a fight.

He even started taking his top off during the frightening episode in Jarrow.

The 36-year-old, who admitted witness intimidation and an unrelated attempted burglary in the same steet, has been locked up while his brother Carl, 30, got a suspended sentence for his part in the incident.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the victims were left scared by the ordeal.

Penny Bottomley. prosecuting, said: “The male complainant said it left him feeling frightened about what might happen to his property.

“His girlfriend was pregnant at the time and they didn’t feel safe in their own home. He said he would not back down from coming to court and thinks he should standup for what’s right.

“His partner was worried about what would happen and didn’t feel safe in her home. She was five months pregnant at the time and worried about her safety.”

The court heard the victims, who have now moved, were living in Inverness Road, Jarrow, at the time of the offence.

The court heard that, in April last year the man of the house had reported to police that Shaun Campbell had tried to break into his coal bunker. Campbell was arrested and later bailed.

Miss Bottomley said the trouble flared on May 22 at 9.50pm.

She said: “The man and his partner heard a bang on the front door. Shaun Campbell and Carl Campbell were outside. The victim opened a window and asked what they wanted and they asked him to go outside for a fight and called him a grass.

“He shut the window but they kept calling him a grass and said they would get it.”

Judge Paul Sloan QC told the brothers: “You banged on the door, at least one of you kicked it and you told him to come out for a fight, calling him a grass. You Shaun Campbell started taking your top off, saying they should comeout to fight you.”

Shaun Campbell also admitted attempting to burgle another home in Inverness Road - using a hammer to break windows and damage a door, on May 22. The cost of the repairs was £500.

Shaun Cambell, of Galsworthy Road, South Shields, who has 54 previous convictions, pleaded guilty to witness intimidation and attempted burglary and was locked up for 16 months.

Carl Campbell, also of Galsworthy Road, who has 27 previousconvictions, admitted witness intimidation and was given eight months suspended for two years with a three month curfew.

Both men were also given five year restraining orders banning them from contacting the couple they intimidated.