Bus changes ahead for Hebburn residents

Go North East is changing services in Hebburn
Go North East is changing services in Hebburn

Bus services in a part of South Tyneside are set for a New Year overhaul.

Go North East has earmarked a number of routes that will be changed as part of a review into services operating in Hebburn.

We recognise some of our customers travelling to South Tyneside Hospital may be adversely affected by these changes.

Stephen King

This includes pulling a direct link to South Tyneside Hospital for residents on the Luke’s Lane, Hartleyburn Estates and Hebburn North.

In it’s place will be a new service - H1 - which will be trialled in the first half of 2018.

Campbell Park Road and Station Road areas of the town will still have a direct service to the hospital, while Hedgeley Road will also gain a bus to it.

The changes come in response to customer feedback and the impact traffic congestion and roadworks are having on some routes.

Stephen King, head of commercial and retail at Go North East, said: “We don’t make changes to our routes lightly and have agreed to make these improvements to help cope with increased congestion and to improve reliability.

“We recognise some of our customers may be adversely affected by these changes, which is why we’ll be trialing a new H1 service for the first half of 2018, to see if there is sufficient demand for an ongoing service to cover this area.”

Matt Brown, Director of Operations at NHS South Tyneside CCG said: “We recognise that transport is an important part of peoples’ experiences when attending hospital and will be working closely over the months ahead to make sure we listen to feedback from the public to ensure we are collectively giving clear information about the services available.”

From Sunday January 28, changes will include: Increased frequency of the 27 service, to every 10 minutes between Newcastle, Gateshead, Hebburn and Jarrow. From Jarrow towards South Shields, buses will operate every 20 minutes on the current 27 route via Tyne Dock, and every 20 minutes on the number 26 via South Tyneside District Hospital, replacing service 88/88A

The 26 service via South Tyneside Hospital, will also provide new direct links to Newcastle and Gateshead from parts of Jarrow such as Primrose and Scotch Estate.

Service 9 will run from Jarrow to Luke’s Lane via Hebburn; to Sunderland.

For full details about Go North East, visit www.gonortheast.co.uk.