14 things you said about another shop closure for South Shields' King Street

King Street, South Shields.
King Street, South Shields.

Shoppers in South Shields were dealt another blow yesterday as a retailer in the town announced that it was closing its doors.

Store Twenty One, which opened a branch in 2010 in Shields, has proposed a company restructure to avoid going into administration.

But for the town, the loss of another store is more bad news.

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Here's what you had to say on Facebook about the imminent closure of the shop.

Donna MC: "Not bothered never go in there."

Tony Grundy: "Another bookies opening soon then."

Dean Knight: "I've got a feeling there'll be no more to South Shields town centre soon, it will be made of houses just watch."

Charlotte Cook: "If that is closing down no doubt the Jarrow one will follow."

Tara Michelle Hill-Marshall: "I'm from a smaller town down south and there we have a lovely shopping centre under cover plenty of shops. Shields could be so much better if the same was done here maybe on a smaller scale."

Karl Gwyer: "The high street is knackered, nobody has any money for a start to spend. £1 stores are doing ok though."

Sheryl Davison: "Sad another one bites the dust. The shops like this one that are closing, all the clothes are a bit old fashioned."

Gary James Sinclair: "Ghost town to what it was in the 80s."

Jon Little: "The town was dying 10 years ago. Seems it hasn't improved."

Neil Barry: "High street shops will never be able to compete with the likes of the Metro Centres of this world and shopping online for cheaper goods, let's face it we have become a nation of armchair shoppers."

Emma Stewart: "What a shame, a lovely town centre left to rot."

Joan Burns: "My beautiful town is all gone. Why don't they open a Primark? BHS is big enough."

Vicky Chisholm: "How many of the people complaining about the state of the town centre can say they've been there in the last few weeks?"

Joyce Richardson: "What are they doing to our South Shields? More for pleasure but not enough to bring in tourists or shoppers, come on try to get our shopping centre back."