Are there too many Greggs in South Shields - or does it need more?


Comforting, fresh, tasty and affordable - everyone loves a Greggs. But do we need another one?

We reported how the North East bakery chain is planning to open a further store at the former Be Modern site in South Shields.

But the news has been met with a mixed reaction, and some feel the firm has too many outlets in the borough already, and would prefer to see other businesses moving in to the area.

The chain, synonymous with its pasties and sausage rolls, has taken flak in the past amid concerns of an obesity epidemic - but has also increased its healthier fare, with plans to do more after a surge in demand for products such for its salads and yoghurts.

The firm has seen two of its South Shields town centre stores close in recent years, but still operates two in King Street as well as an outlet store at Laygate, a branch at the Nook, and further premises in the Bede Industrial Estate, and in Jarrow and Hebburn shopping precincts - a total of seven in the borough.

The planned store in the Be Modern development would see the number rise to eight, and some feel this is excessive.

Commenting on our Facebook page, Nicola Todd said: "Another Greggs? SERIOUSLY?

She added: "(There are) far too many, really for a small town two is enough one in the town center and one probably in Laygate

"The amount of food places is beyond a joke and none of it is really healthy, if anything, if possible if someone could do it would be a slimming world /syn free / clean-eating cafe would be great I know what I'd prefer to go and eat."

Stephen Sullivan said: "It's ridiculous to say there are too many, if the demand is there I welcome them! Better than empty units or sites! Plus I'm a big fan of a Gregg's breakfast!

Mark Auton said: "I eat greggs about twice a year as a treat other smaller bakeries do fab goods too."

Margaret Lowrie said: "Just what we need !? NOT !"

Steven Johnston: "How many more Greggs do we need?"

Shell Bell said: "M&S would be something that many people would like to see back. I'm sure there are many other suggestions but they cannot seriously consider yet another Greggs."

Linda Robinson said: "They shut two shops down in town centre and open up on a busy dual carriageway doesn't make sense."