Cheers for the beers says brewery boss as he takes his thanks out to bars

Arbier's managing director Mark Robinson
Arbier's managing director Mark Robinson

A brewery boss is taking his business on tour to say ‘cheers’ to the bars which have backed his new venture.

Mark Robinson bought the assets of Jarrow Brewery after it went into administration last year - giving it the name Arbeir to celebrate the craft of ale making and South Tyneside’s own Roman fort Arbeia.

McConnell's Gin and Ale House.

McConnell's Gin and Ale House.

Now he is at the helm of McConnell’s Gin and Ale House in Jarrow, and has started to brew four new beers.

While he is working to get the number of ales up to eight by Christmas, the first-time businessman has decided to head out to the pubs which have helped his project get off to a good start.

The ‘Cheers For The Beers’ brewery roadshow will be hosted at The Marine in Ocean Road, tomorrow, and then the Holborn Rose and Crown, East Holborn, both South Shields. on Sunday.

Drinkers will be able to meet the company’s brewers, Mikaela Finnigan and Shaun Dunn, who formerly worked for Jarrow Brewery.

We have some very loyal customers and we want to thank them and we thought this was one way to do it.

Mark Robinson

They will also have the chance to pick up some brewery memorabilia.

Pet Shop Boys tribute act Vet Shop Boys and Hebburn Ferry, who dedicates a performance to Bryan Ferry, will appear on both evenings.

Mark, the managing director of Arbier, said: “We’ve been going for about five weeks now and we wanted to give something back to the pubs that have helped us get started.

“At our pub, we have a very popular entertainment format and so we’re going to take than with us.

“We have some very loyal customers and we want to thank them and we thought this was one way to do it.

“There will be other roadshows coming up.”

The event at The Marine will start at 7.30pm and the celebration at the Holborn Rose and Crown begins at 4.30pm.

As part of his business plan, Mark, from Monkton Village, has taken on the ex-Jarrow Brewery plant in Bede Industrial Estate and has the recipe for the beers the former outfit created.

The ales are already being pulled for customers in 80 pubs, from Alnwick to Darlington.

In time he hopes to oversee 80 Arbier beverages.

So far his team have put their efforts into making called Legacy, Renaissance, Decadence and Reformation beers.

More than £50,000 has been invested into the business with plans to expand distribution into hundreds of pubs.