Drop in number of unemployed in South Tyneside

Latest figures released from the Government.
Latest figures released from the Government.

Fewer people are out of work in South Tyneside than last year according to the latest figures.

While the employment rate across the North East stands at 1.2million, latest statistics show 4,230 people were out of work last month - an drop on 4,300 in January 2016.

However, the figures also show that South Tyneside has the third highest number of people claiming benefits in the region, with 4.5% of the population.

Responding to the North East figures, Secretary of State, Damian Green, said: "With employment at its highest rate since records began, and unemployment at its lowest in over a decade, we remain in a position of strength.

“Our on-going welfare reforms will continue to incentivise work and make sure the system is fair to all those who need it and those who pay for it.

“There’s great news in the North East where the number of people in work are at a near record high of 1.20 million people in work.”

The North East employment data continues to follow the national trend of higher employment levels over the year to December 2016, although with a slowing over the last three months.

There were small falls in employment and increases in economic inactivity in the most recent figures.

Richard Baker, North East LEP Head of Strategy and Policy, said: “The labour market has clearly slowed nationally and the North East is following this trend.

“It continues to be encouraging that there are more full time jobs in the economy and that people are able to find more work. The latest annual data shows that full time employment in the North East has increased by 16,000 or almost 2% in the region, while part time has fallen by 2,000 or 0.6% over the year.

“It is a concern that there is growth in economic inactivity and this seems to be concentrated in particular groups in the workforce.

“Although the quarterly figures show a slowdown, overall employment continues to be up over the year.”