Hebburn worker wins four-figure compensation after suffering muscle pain

Anthony McCarthy
Anthony McCarthy

A Hebburn man suffering with chronic back pain as a result of repetitive activities in the workplace has received an undisclosed four-figure settlement.

Anthony McCarthy, 26, first began to suffer muscle pain in his mid to lower back in early 2012, with the intensity and severity of the pain increasing throughout his 11-hour shifts at HVR International Limited.

In March 2013 Anthony continued to suffer severe back pain and underwent an occupational health risk assessment that recommended he should not work for longer than four hours continuously.

However, the firm continued to assign Anthony six-hour shifts in the metalisation room until November 2013.

As a result of the repetitive work Anthony continues to suffer sharp, stabbing pains in his back and struggles with movement due to tightness across his back.

Injury lawyers Irwin Mitchell secured him an undisclosed four-figure out-of-court settlement, after the firm admitted liability for his injuries.