Jarrow chemical plant to close after 55 years

Rohm and Haas
Rohm and Haas

A chemical plant’s 55-year presence in South Tyneside will come to an end within months, it has been confirmed.

The shock closure of Rohm and Haas in Jarrow, was announced in April last year and now it has emerged that the closure process will begin in mid-November.

Closure decision followed extensive review

Rohm Haas spokesman

A spokesman for the Ellison Street facility, run by the Dow Chemical Company since 2009, said the plant would remain “fully operational” until that time.

The spokesman said: “The closure decision followed an extensive and careful review, which resulted in Dow Microbial Control determining that the Jarrow site will be unable to meet the future, long-term needs of the business. It is anticipated that transfer and closure will begin mid-November.

“Until the transfer is complete, the Jarrow facility will remain a fully-operational manufacturing facility; safely, reliably and efficiently making and shipping product and serving our customers.

“We have 43 employees based at the site and 15 contractors. Since early last year, all involved parties have been kept informed of the transfer timeline and have continued to support the business with day-to-day operations.”