Lord Sugar: I would have fired Theresa May over the Tory election campaign

Lord Sugar. From PA
Lord Sugar. From PA

Apprentice boss Lord Sugar said he would have fired Theresa May if the General Election was a task on the programme after a disastrous result which saw the Conservative Party lose its House of Commons majority.

The peer, who quit Labour in 2015, said Jeremy Corbyn was "far more aggressive" while the Prime Minister's campaign was "very, very poor".

Mrs May called the election in the hope of winning a greater majority and a mandate for Brexit negotiations, but the Conservatives lost overall control of the Commons and are now relying on the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to prop up the minority Government.

Discussing the campaign, Lord Sugar told BBC 5 Live's Emma Barnett: "If you are comparing it to the way Jeremy Corbyn ran his election campaign, he was far more aggressive, it was far more organised.

"I don't know whether he was just lucky, but every time he seemed to go somewhere, the media was following him. He had lots of pictures taken of him with great audiences of young people and Theresa May never seemed to have anyone there standing in front of her.

"Her campaign was bad - it was poor. It was very, very poor. So if it was an Apprentice task I would say that, yes, you know, she would have got fired. And Corbyn would have been sent off for a nice little trip."

When the presenter joked that Lord Sugar may have sent Mr Corbyn to Venezuela for his "treat", the peer replied: "Maybe, yeah. Or to Siberia possibly."

He also accused the Labour leader of using "Donald Trump-type tactics" in the election, and criticised the Government's team running Brexit talks.

"Not because they are bad people, but because they are not business people," he said.

"They are not negotiators, they are politicians. That's all they are. What have they ever done the whole of their lives other than be politicians? I mean you need to have the right people doing the job."