Makeover offer to help unemployed get back to work

JUST THE JOB ... from left, Jo Cummings, Barry Crake and Vicky Waite. Back, Michael Smithson.
JUST THE JOB ... from left, Jo Cummings, Barry Crake and Vicky Waite. Back, Michael Smithson.

A BUSINESSMAN is hoping to get people back into work by giving them a makeover.

Barry Crake, owner of Bellissimo Ink and Barry Crake Cosmetic Academy is offering people the chance to improve their appearance, and confidence, before job interviews, in the hope of helping them secure work.

The 42-year-old, of Boldon Colliery, has worked in the cosmetic industry, namely in tattoo removal, for about five years.

Barry previously offered people tattoo removal for free in a bid to help people find work.

He is now hoping for success at helping people land new jobs by offering them teeth whitening, manicures, hair cuts and more.

Barry, a former self-harmer, who has suffered numerous nervous breakdowns, said he “self -counsels” by helping others.

He said: “When I’m helping people, I feel better.

“As long as we feel people really need the help, then we will help them. I’m organising it because I want to help people, and other businesses will give the treatments.

“If a girl comes in and she has a bad 
complexion or whatever, we will sort it for them.”

Barry, who formerly owned Bellissimo, said people will be in with the chance for some confidence-boosting treatment ahead of job interviews if the visit Bellissimo Ink with a formal interview letter.

He added: “So long as people turn up with the proper letter, I will help them.

“I wanted to help people who are going for jobs because they have no money and no confidence.

“If they leave feeling confident then that’s great.

“If I’m helping people I feel better.

“It’s just the way I’m wired I suppose.”

To contact Barry about receiving treatments prior to a job interview, visit or Bellissimo Ink on Facebook.

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