Owners say new nightclub will be Wicked

CHEERS ... left, Stephen Sullivan and Gavin Mann outside the new Wicked nightclub, in South Shields.
CHEERS ... left, Stephen Sullivan and Gavin Mann outside the new Wicked nightclub, in South Shields.

A TRIO of business partners are hoping for success with South Shields’ latest nightspot.

Stephen Sullivan, Gavin Mann and Kimberley Wilkinson opened the doors to Wicked at the weekend.

The nightclub, which was formerly Vogue, in Ocean Road, is the friends’ third business venture together as they already own Trocaderos, in Prince Georg Square, and Bar 44, also in Ocean Road.

Stephen, 27, who DJs in the venues, said: “It was a tough week getting ready to open on Sunday and there are a few things that didn’t get done, but those will all be sorted.

“Our opening night went really well though and the feedback we got from everyone was great.

“We did everything ourselves – the lighting, rigging up the sound system and everything else, so it really has got that personal touch.

“A lot of our customers pitched in to help us get ready, and we’re really grateful to everyone who helped.”

The trio recently celebrated the fourth anniversary of Trocaderos and have had Bar 44 for the last two years.

Stephen added: “As South Shields changes with the 365 development, there’s a chance that the library area where Trocaderos is may become a housing area. If that’s the case, the stability of Trocaderos is unsure.

“We’ll always remain there, but how late our licence can be is going to be the question.

“We want to do something a bit different, and something with a more personal approach.

“I’d defy many to go into a club and tell you the name of the manager, but we want our customers to know us and for it to be a lot more personal.

“Thursday night is going to be a circus-themed night.

“We’ll have jugglers, clowns and other entertainers there and the bar staff will all be dressed up.

“Friday night is going to be called Bang Tidy Friday and we’ll have some Celebrity Juice-inspired games.

“Saturday is going to be a regular club night. I don’t want to reveal what we’re doing on a Sunday yet.

“We’re not just expecting people to come in and give us their money – we’re going to entertain them.”

Wicked will be open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 10pm to 4am, and is soon to open on Sundays as well. Entry is free.

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